Monday, June 05, 2006

Leaning Tower of Recipes

Remember way-back-when...couple months? Mom brought me over a "few" boxes of recipes. These are it. Those boxes are packed front-to-back with every imaginable type of recipe you can find. Hand-written vintage recipes, retro recipes, magazine clippings, you name it.

I haven't gotten very far into them since my time is limited but I plan on doing some sitting around the end of October and hopefully I can get through them all by then.


KFarmer said...

Good gracious alive- looks like my boxes of pictures that need to go in albums :)

BTW- you have been tagged by yours truly (if you feel like playing :)

How's my most favorite expecting Mom? ((hugs))

eyes_only4him said... have lots of recpies to try lady

cmhl said...


ok, so you already know I am challenged in the kitchen.. last night we had beef strogonoff-- kroger brand, from a box. but I did brown the hamburger!! hahah.

anyway-- your post reminded me of this-- my mother just recently gave me my grandmother's recipe box-- it is in a little wooden box-- all handwritten recipes. I may have a post a photo, I think it is really neat.

Anonymous said...

holy moly!

That is like my mom bringing over a "few clothes"

Thrift stores rejoice when they see her coming!

Nerd Mom said...

geesh... that looks like my yarn and fabric stash

Annie said...
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Annie said...

I thought my two disorganized folders were bad. You better get reading-maybe by the 3010 you may get through them all. :