Saturday, June 17, 2006

For Fathers Everywhere

This is a recipe that I believe NO man should be without, not just fathers.

Ice Cubes
Makes 10-12

1/2 cup water
1 ice cube tray

Make sure tray is free of any foreign material~crumbs etc.
Carefully pour water evenly over all cube openings.
Do NOT fill any space to the top~water expands as it freezes.
Carefully transfer the tray to the freezer and close the door.
Wait for several hours (peeking doesn't help them along) and they
should be fully frozen and ready for use.
You already know how to get them out so I'll skip that part.

*Note: When I told my husband I would be posting this he told he me he would post about the wonderful "ice miracle" that his life seems to have been filled with. He says that no matter what time of day or how many cubes he uses, the ice seems to miraculously reappear in the freezer the next time he looks. Like magic!

Imagine that.

I actually put this on a recipe card and hung it on the freezer door to no avail.

Please guys, don't miss your opportunity to print this out and keep it handy!

In case you were wondering, I did the "real deal" Father's Day thing over at my other blog.


Melanie said...

LOL We have an automatic ice maker in our freezer, so ours actually DOES magically reappear!

Unknown said...

I think I have been reading everything on here for the last hour. What a GREAT SITE! I will definately bookmark you! I love to cook, but at times I have a hard time with kid friendly foods. I have three boys, all five and under. While they are good eaters, there are some days I would like to pull my hair out.

Thank you for sharing these wonderful recipes. I will be back often. (Just to warn you. HA!)

evelyn said...

Is it that they're wired to, instead of filling the tray, put it back with only one cube left in it, or is it a learned behavior?

Ian said...


Puck said...

Of course I keep the ice bucket filled and the trays at ready. In fact, I have the rest of the Vodka Martini recipe committed to memory.

What I need is an olive dispenser to save me the trouble of sticking my hand in a jar.

Anonymous said...

My husband needs that recipe. He thinks that the only way to get ice cubes is to buy them at the grocery store. He says they are better than any you can make.

Adopted Son said...

I'll have you know that I am very competent at ice making. As well as a few other things. ;)

Anne Coleman said...

Yes, SON-but you're an exempt Foster male! It's genetic for you to be able to cook :o)