Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ready, Set, Cook #12

It's that time of week again. If you have not played Ready, Set, Cook! with us yet, please go here to read the rules of play.

Our three ingredients today are:

1 -6oz can tuna
balsamic vinegar
1 medium cucumber

If you don't know what balsamic vinegar is, check it out here. It has a fascinating history and the flavor, to me, is just out of this world.

Yes, I am playing today!

On a side note, I will be updating the recipe links today to finally include all of March and April for easier searching. If you have contributed to R,S,C those recipes are there also!

Aprons on...get cooking!


dalene said...

The New Tuna Sandwich

Anonymous said...

Marinated Tuna Salad

cmhl said...

oh man, I'm not sure I could do anything with that. I can stomach tuna salad about once a year..

maybe I could feed the tuna to the cat, then make some kind of pickled cucumber salady thing with red onions.. hmmm. I suppose that would be considered cheating?

how is your husband? you posted about his health situation a while back.. just being nosy!

and may I submit a question, even though this isn't really the post for it? ha! how do you make meat loaf, so it isn't really greasy??

Anne Coleman said...

cmhl-DH is better-so far, I think? lol SO hard to tell until he gets another ultrasound. Thanks for asking!

OK, if you don't like tuna-the cat should love it lol

Non-greasy meatloaf starts with good ground round or sirloin-no less than 90% lean. That should do it!