Monday, April 24, 2006

Nope-not recipes. Too bad, eh? I think that's closer to the 100+ mark. Maybe someday I will get to 10,000 recipes. That would definitely be a feat.

No, the 10,000 I am referring to is hits (almost!). Not quite the feat that cmhl has achieved but not too bad for a nobody mommy from Bethlehem, huh?

Who'da thunk it? I was only out to (finally) do some food journaling for myself and my kids to have to look back on~and lo and behold a few of you actually READ this!

Thank you much loyal readers :o)


eyes_only4him said...

wow, good for you little lady..i am glad to be one of your 10,000:)

dalene said...

Way to go Anne! Keep up the great work?