Monday, March 06, 2006

Small Treasures

These are two of the recipes mom gave me so far from my Great-Grandmother Barnes' recipe files.

I don't know how grandma got this back from the woman she sent it to but it sure is neat to have.

This one is so simple and sort of funny for those who don't normally eat game. Grandma and Grandpa were missionaries/preachers and often their services were paid in food, usually chickens! This recipe is just a testament to the thrifty way they lived. I'd venture to guess that they were given or caught the rabbit in question. It reads: "Brown rabbit on both sides. Slice onions & then potatoes on top, bake or fry. May have to add a little water along."


KFarmer said...

Oh Boy! Tuesday! RSC!

Hope you are feeling better- how is the knee?

wadaiko said...

now thats my kinda recipe!!LOL!

Anonymous said...

I love finding old recipes written by my grandmother...we have one for our famous 5-flavor poundcake...I just want to frame it it's so neat!