Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It's Tuesday!

Alrighty boys and girls, it's time for Ready, Set, Cook!

Before you check out the three ingredients today, please click on the button to your right in the sidebar to read the Rules of Play.

Here are today's ingredients:

ground beef

I don't list amounts because I don't want to limit your creativity :o)

Have fun, and get cookin'!


dalene said...

Spinach Quiche

KFarmer said...

HA! I HAVE ALL THREE INGREDIANTS AT MY HOUSE!!! HOO HOO!!! This must be my lucky day :0)

wadaiko said...

im thinkin'....a meat pattie, with the spinach onion sauted(spelling) and i might need a sauce....now see if i can get a recipe happening!?...actually got given a whole bunch of spinach yesterday...Popeye im not real fussed on, but sauted is nice...

KFarmer said...

Stuffed Spinach Onions w/Soup