Monday, February 27, 2006

Mountains of Recipes!

My recipe collection grew exponentially this weekend. My mom dropped off boxes of recipes that she promised me and she is still going through a box at home that contains many of my
great-grandmother's hand-written recipes.

She sent over 3 boxes that have thousands of recipes in them. There were several books and cookbooklets (which I added to my list) and clippings and hand-written recipes galore. I am in HEAVEN. Some of them are so old that I will need to find a way to copy and preserve them, some are newer. It seems that mom didn't just clip recipes that interested her but clipped almost every recipe from every box and magazine she has ever had in her possession. The funniest part is that she had already weeded through all of these recipes before she passed them to me!

Some of the clippings are more interesting for the old ads on the back, neat stuff. I do need to clarify that not all of these were my mom's. There are recipes from my Aunt Marie, some in there already from Great-Grandma, some from Grandma, some from mom's neighbors and friends. So much food history it makes my head spin; in a good way ;O)

Well foodies, tomorrow is a three-fold food-fun day; Mardi Gras, Fastnacht Day and Ready, Set, Cook day! I have a lot of writing to do and one sick child (so far, crossing fingers here).

PLEASE tune in tomorrow for the fun~until then, thanks for being so patient with my lack of posting.


Anonymous said...

We have had a lot of problems in the fish here due to the power companies releasing chemical into the river upstream.

So sad.

KFarmer said...

Oh your cup runneth over! I know you is one happy chickie after all the goodies you received.

Looking forward to playing tomorrow. Any chance the kids will pick grits? :)
((hugs)) to you.

Anne Coleman said...

They LOVE cheese grits with poached eggs on them.

eyes_only4him said...

well my mom never had any recipes so I dont look to be getting any boxes of the ever;)

hope everyone gets feelin better..i was sick over the u feel sorry for me?..didnt think so;)

Jennifer said...

What joy! I need to work on MizAnnie's site. I have so many recipes and need to get them posted sometime!
Enjoy! :)