Saturday, February 04, 2006

Check This Out!

Jam Handy has recently opened the coolest online all-things-retro store, Seul Boy. Get on over there and browse (and buy!) he has the neatest collection of cards among other things-you just have to see for yourself.

When you're done with that, read
his blog. If you're into retro recipes at all, this is the blog for you!

NEXT...this is not so new but, if you have a baby, or know someone who is having a baby, go visit
Sugarbearz. My friend has the cutest bunch of stuff for sale-hoof it on over and check her out too.

OK, I am done with the shameless and gratuitous plugs for the day, promise.


kenju said...

Anne, thanks for the visit and comments today. I will check out some of your recipes (I need help in that area)!

The Tart said...

nice plugs
great site
i will stay tuned
found you via
hidden haven homestead

KFarmer said...

Lovin your new picture!

Also, wanted to tell you I made your spinach spanakopita this week-end- We all loved it! Yum Yum!

I am giving a double b-day party, not this week-end, but the next, and plan to use some of your squares mentioned in the previous post- All sound wonderful.

Hope you and all yours are hanging in there-

eyes_only4him said...

ok i am loving your someone else addicted to photoshop too??..heehee....

Anne Coleman said...

I love the "painting" setting on the thing I have....Arcsoft something...

I hate the way I look so I'm all for anything that helps!