Saturday, January 21, 2006

Recipes from Home Part II

If you will click any of the links below, you will be transported to the appropriate page of recipes for each book.

Here are some worthwhile notes to help you:

1) The first 2 are the recipes my family submitted to each book.

2) It has become painfully clear to me why so many of them suffered from diabetes-although really only on grandpa's side sort of proving the genetic link.

3) Milnot is evaporated milk-just a brand name.

4) Oleo is margarine.

5) Not all of the recipes have appropriate instructions and/ or ingredients-please ask me if you have any questions. I cooked and ate long enough with most of them to be able to decipher whatever is missing.

6) The Herb cookbook and the Parsonage Queens cookbook were not books that my family contributed to so I chose a recipe or two from each heading.

7) If you want any of these books for your own collection-good luck! Actually, I believe the Ash Street cookbook may still be available-the oldest book comes from a chruch that no longer exists so chances are pretty much nil that you could find one-I would be willing to pass on the rest of the recipes to anyone who might want them OR to copy off the entire book (which I need to do anyway to preserve my copy) for anyone who really would like it.

Happy reading!

What's Cookin' in South Bend, Indiana

Treasured Recipes from Ash Street Wesleyan Church, Tipton, Indiana

Recipes from our Kitchen, Parsonage Queens

The Herbal Kitchen, The Brown County Herb Society


eyes_only4him said...

i am gonna go take looksy..

funny,. my gradnam always refers to margine as oleo..haha

Dirk the Feeble said...

I thought oleo was the stuff they made chips out of that made them low-fat . . .

Anne Coleman said...

Hey guy lol That's Olestra ;o)

Thanks for stopping by.

KFarmer said...

Oh yeah- got me some new recipes! Thanks Anne :) -can’t wait to try them out. The marinated mozzarella sounds especially wonderful for all the parties I throw. Do you think I could keep adding to the oil mixture or should I throw it out after one use?

I bought all the stuff for the spinach recipe but got too pooped to make it- that's ok; I still have the ingredients and w/make it this week.