Monday, January 23, 2006

One more time!

Alright foodies, tomorrow we will try our luck again with Ready Set Cook!

Here's how it works:

I will list 3 ingredients (as I commented before, I'll think a bit more locally and less globally this time) tomorrow morning and you will PRETEND you have them on hand. This is sort of like me saying "Hey guys, I have a pound of ground beef, a few potatoes, and some leeks-what can I make for dinner?" Get it?

So, I will post 3 ingredients and you will have a virtual pantry stocked with whatever you want. You will come up with a recipe that uses all 3 ingredients prominently. In other words, you can't use half a teaspoon of an ingredient that gets lost in the recipe or is something you could leave out.

Now, when you come up with what you would make with the listed ingredients post in the COMMENTS section your IDEA or RECIPE NAME only ie: Roast Quail with Beet Chutney. Then, EMAIL me the actual recipe or detailed instructions as to how you would make whatever it is you came up with.

If you have any questions mid-game or even before just email me at
irishones7 *at* juno *dot* com with Ready Set Cook in the subject line or even use the comments section since I get them in my email anyway.

I PROMISE I will have 3 accessible and familiar ingredients tomorrow and if you can't play DO NOT FEEL BAD! This is all just for fun anyway!

OK, be up bright and early oh and, once I have all the recipes I will post them all on my blog on Wednesday along with your name and/or blog addy.

(On a very far aside note--did you know that the spell check on blogspot doesn't recognize the word BLOG?)

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Melanie said...

Yea! Just don't pick leeks either, okay? ;) Hopefully my internet connection will continue to work so I can participate.