Thursday, January 12, 2006

I love BoB!

This whole BoB Awards deal has been really good for me.
I don't mean exposure or self-esteem wise, I mean, WOW there are so many food blogs!

I am a firm believer in having as many cookbooks and cooking web sites as you can have.
I especially love food blogs because they are so personal~each one gives up something of
the blogger with each post and recipe. Just too cool. I'm so excited to find
other people as passionate about food as I am and you just don't get that from generic
recipe sites, do you?

I will eventually have time enough to share about my favorite sites but for now, here are
the other 9 BoB finalists;

Domestic Diva
I absolutely love her setup and the photos and recipes are to-die-for!

Naughty Curry
If you don't already love Indian spices, you will after reading this blog. Super funny
and talented contributers and great photos.

Gatronomy Domine
A woman after my own heart~she cooks seasonally and the recipes are divine.

Baking Sheet
OK, I will now refer you all to this blog for any and all baking recipes-yum- in a word.

What the Hell Does a Vegan Eat Anyway?
Wow. If you're looking for alternatives to the way the rest of we fatties eat, this is it.
In a world where Vegan can look really unappetizing, they make it look awesome.

Morning Coffee & Afternoon Tea
Coffee, tea, chocolate, there isn't much more to say! You all should know by now how much
I love "tea" and this blog is chock-full of my favorites.

Kalyn’s Kitchen
South Beachers read on! Just the photos will make you gain weight though. Dieting never
looked so yummy.

Cake Fun -
I've done google searches that didn't turn up this much cake info! Take a look at the
Flickr photos. Do they make house calls?

Wine Cask
Like having a set of your very own sommeliers! They do know their stuff.

This is the link to all of the nominees and I need to say something about Jam Handy.
I blogrolled his site and you should go check it out.
He has the coolest collection of retro cook booklets and he posts recipes
and photos from them. Really neat blog.


eyes_only4him said...

I can not look at another cooking site other than yours..I would feel as if I were cheating on my specail ann...although the cake one has me intreged..I wanna take cake decorating I amy just go look at the picutres..but thats all:)

Kalyn Denny said...

How sweet of you to mention all the finalists. I've been meaning to go around and congratulate them all, but just handn't gotten around to it. So congratulations to you!! There are really some great blogs nominated. I'm so honored even to be nominated.

Paige said...

Wow! How great that you mentioned all the finalists. Like Kalyn, I've been meaning to congratulate everyone, but haven't had the chance! So congrats! I've definitely found a few new blogs in the mix that will become regular reads (including yours). Great job!

Domestic Diva (aka Paige)

Babette said...

So many great cooking blogs, so little time, so sweet of you to mention the others!