Friday, December 30, 2005

We Don't Drop the Ball Around Here

We drop the Peep.

Say, what?

Yes, not only does Bethlehem, Pa. bill itself as "The Christmas City", we are also home to Just Born Inc makers of Mike & Ike, Zours, Hot Tamales, the recently acquired Goldenberg's Peanut Chews (that's an actual food group in this house) and the ever-popular Peeps.

Yep-marshmallow Peeps are made just down the road.
Eat your heart out, Charlie Bucket.

For several years now we've had the Peep-mobile; a bright yellow VW with an insanely large and equally bright Peep attached to the roof. The kids think it's fantastic and most days we can see it parked in front of the factory.

Just Born facts:

• Just Born produces more than 1 billion individual MARSHMALLOW PEEPS® per year covering all of its holiday seasons.

• Just Born goes through more than 34 million pounds of sugar per year.

• Just Born manufactures more than 200 thousand pounds of jelly beans a day.

I think the best fact about Just Born is the donations they make to the community.
My kids have come home many times with Peeps they received at various events, and they donate money and time to many as well. Truly a company to look up to.

So, we all know how NYC has their tradition of dropping the ball above Times Square on New Year's Eve and now Bethlehem will start a tradition this year by dropping a Peep. On New Year's Eve a 25 pound fiberglass Peep, lighted from inside, will descend in Payrow Plaza to mark the beginning of a new year. I wasn't able to find a good photo, but this is the Peep.
(I had to scan from the paper and colorize it. You get the idea.)


CoolChic said...

Really interesting, will it be on the news? I mean the dropping of the Peep?

I'm not a marshmallow fan myself, I do enjoy burning them over the fire and flicking them off the stick!!

Melanie said...

LOL I got a kick out of this! Those peeps on cars are too funny!

Anonymous said...

Man my kids would go NUTS for that car!
They freak out when they see the Terminix car with the bug on top!

Our town's claim to fame is that Pepsi was invented here.
They make a pretty big deal out of it.

When my husband and I first got married, those Peeps were my favorite food.
Then he started overdoing it.
He would buy like 50 boxes of them when they went on clearance after Easter.
I still love marshmallows though.

Happy New Year!

Mamacita (The REAL one) said...

Wow! All we have here is limestone. And lots of caves.

I think I'd rather have candy.

Mise en Place said...

See, this is exactly what I'm saying, insanely informational and hysterical. ALL at the same time. LOL!!

I hope you and yours has a wonderful New Year. I'm looking forward to more recipes, lol!

~Jennifer said...

I stopped by from Susie's place, and I just wanted to say I love your blog and can't wait to try some of your recipes. :-)

Peggy said...

oh man, I love peeps! I always use to buy peeps for the girls when they were small cause they didn't like them and would give them to me

eyes_only4him said...

I love peeps...this is another reason I need to come to Penn..

Charlie Bucket...that was too funny, that is one of my favoitre movies..(not the new one..that one creeped my ass out)

hope you had a merry new year;)

Anonymous said...

you know what? my son loves those things. they are his favorite candy. when he wakes up i'll have him read this, but they've been around! we have a drawer full of the white snowmen right now!!

by the way thanks for visiting my blog, see you around!

Anne Coleman said...

I'm so behind!

I hope you all had a GREAT New Year's Eve-we all fell asleep at 12:01 lol

Have a terrific year and I hope I can catch up with you all for real soon!

mikster said...

hmmmm...when I lived in Wyoming, IA...they always billed themselves as the christmas I'm confused (as usual)

KFarmer said...

Easter would not be right at my house without a few peeps peeping out of the baskets-

Wishing you and yours a very wonderful New Year!