Friday, December 09, 2005

Don't Sit Next to Me Today

I woke this morning at 4 a.m., as usual, to exactly what I knew was coming ... snow. There was about 3 inches on the ground when I left the house to make my daily rounds with the local paper and still coming down. It fell heavily near the end of the route and my oldest daughter and I (the 2 older girls help Thursday through Sunday) nearly missed each other at one point because of the lack of visibility.

We got home caked with snow and looking like 2 Sasquatch.

The snow ended about 9 a.m. and after the car was shoveled out, I went shopping for a few necessities I should have gotten yesterday. After my trip, we had a late lunch during which my oldest child quipped, "Look at the food you have us used to!"

I warned her not to breathe on any other cast members on opening night of "It's A Wonderful Life", the play she is in this year at her high school.

What was this highly offensive feast?

Tapenade, homemade of course (1 large clove of garlic to 1 cup of olives~quite a burn to it but a darn good burn)
Roasted Garlic Sourdough bread from LaBrea bakeries (whole cloves of roasted garlic baked right in)
Whole wheat pita
Roasted garlic hummus
Garlic and herb chevre
Alouette~Spinach and Artichoke
Artichoke hearts
Baby gherkins
Roasted red peppers

...and 2 other things that the youngest ones gorged on; Honey Wheat pretzels and Cocoa Chex Mix. The only things truly missing were sun warmed and ripened plum tomatoes and a plateful of Ni├žoise olives.

Bet you're glad you aren't sitting next to me right now.


Anonymous said...

We haven't seen any snow yet. We usually don't until after December.

Do you guys do the papers on foot?

Omigosh if you do!

I do mine once a week by car.
Mine is just the local free paper and once a month it includes the little town paper for the town/subdivision I live in.

I do 750 papers.

It's good that your daughters help you. My kids help if I ask them.

Anne Coleman said...

I do daily papers on foot--(2 miles all told-not really far) 80 on M-Tues-W and 100+ the rest of the week.

The girls help Th-Sun if I wake them-but they make sure they whine lol. The papers are really heavy Th-Sat so I try to get help.

Sunday 3 of us--me-dh and one older girl do them in the car-we have 30 bundles on a Sun. to put together-no fun. You can only fit 9 papers in a delivery bag on a Sunday, they get really BIG!

eyes_only4him said...

snow huh? my family in MI got about 8 inches, poor fools..

I cant belive you get up at 4 am to deliver papers..your my hero!!

Paula said...

What you're really missing with that meal is the wine!

Anne Coleman said...

Christina lol I'm no hero-I've lost my marbles!

Paula-I don't like wine -sad isn't it? Well, very few wines but, I'm hypoglycemic anyway and 1/2 a glass makes me sick.

Puck said...

I'm DEVASTATED I'm not sitting next to you right now but I've learned to live with tragedy...

eyes_only4him said...

ok I changed change your blogroll STAT..LOL

Mise en Place said...

Hi..I found you over at Christinas. OK. First, WOW to six kids. I too love to cook, although not at all educated in the art. I have on several occassions bought the things on your list, minus the hummus, lol. Not quite sure what to do with THAT!

Nice site, I'll be back to visit.

KFarmer said...

sounds like a feast to me.. any left overs? :)

eyes_only4him said...

hey, hook me up...I need a recipe for chocolate peanutt butter balls:)