Friday, November 25, 2005

Tales of a Leaking Turkey

Yesterday went off with nary a hitch...almost.

If the things that occured in my kitchen occured in a clients kitchen, I surely would be out of business.

All was well on the kitchen-front when I peeked into the oven to check on the cornbread. I couldn't see it beneath the looming heft of my 20 lb turkey (the cornbread was on the lower rack) so I gently scooted the turkey over half an inch and the bottom of the roaster suddenly sprung a leak! (Note to self: Buy a REAL roaster for a large bird and never buy another disposable.)

I stared, mouth-agape, for a moment frantically searching my blonde brain for what to do. I needed something under there but definitely NOT the cornbread. I grabbed the cornbread pan to pull it out and immediately scraped the top of the bread across the top rack (ugh) and proceeded to find a flat but semi-deep pan. Almost every pan in the house was in use at that moment, dinner being a mere 30 minutes away. Luckily I had just finished emptying and washing a rectangular cake pan and got it under the big guy before too much of those all-too-precious juices were lost on the bottom of the oven.

Whew. After that everything went like clockwork but the sheer terror of the moment (it's a mortal sin in this household NOT to have gravy) stuck with me until I sat safely in my seat after having made sure everyone was served.

I so hope your day was wonderful; after the turkey incident we had a terrific time having a scavenger hunt and picking names for our annual Secret Santa.


Melanie said...

LOL But the professional that you are, you managed to take care of the situation, albeit with flatter cornbread and less gravy! ;)

Happy belated Thanksgiving, Anne!

Anonymous said...

I am glad everything turned out okay!

dalene said...

Glad all turned out well. I was out of town at the in-laws for Thanksgiving, so I am cooking my own full-fleged T-day dinner tomorrow (I put myself through this every year we have Thanksgiving elsewhere--I just like to cook things the way I like them and I have to have leftovers.)

I just got the note about brining, and I'm debating it heavily, as it is almost midnight; I've been cleaning my neglected house all day and am just sooooo tired; and I have no idea at this instant what kind of pot or bowl I have that is large enough to hold my 20-lb. turkey. I also doubt I have room in my fridge--although it's likely cold enough outside to cover it good and leave it outside. Maybe I'll go whip up some brine.

Have a great holiday season!

Paula said...

I used a flimsy disposable for my 20 lb. turkey also, but I set it on a large cookie sheet for that reason! LOL Now I'm glad I did. Disposable pans are great--who needs more dishes to wash?

Glad it turned out OK!

Puck said...

Of course you pulled it off with aplomb - you're awesome!