Sunday, September 18, 2005

What Ever Happened to Sunday Dinner?

Sunday Dinner
Sunday Dinner

I asked recently of an email group I belong to what special dinner everyone might have on a Sunday. I was surprised at the responses I received. Some of them were flat out snippy, "Sunday is no different than any other day here", meaning they chose not to have any type of "religious" theme pervade their day.

Well, I wasn't asking whether they went to church or not but they must have thought I meant dinner after church. In my family, however, most of my memories of Sunday dinner were after church. There was nothing better than coming home (to grandma's house or dad's house or wherever we were) to the smells of Sunday dinner already cooking. There's something warm and fuzzy about those memories.

Sunday dinner has long been an American tradition ... institution even. Families once gathered nearly weekly to break bread and enjoy one another's company and I can't quite put my finger on why this seems to be a dying practice.

I myself am guilty of being "too busy" to get it done~even if it is a mere 10 minutes to set something up in a slow cooker.

I love
this page and the ideas there for Sunday Dinners, as well as the writing on the whole topic.

If you don't have Sunday dinners, at least try to once a month. The connections you make with family during these times are precious and the chance should never be wasted.

Here is our Sunday Dinner today, complete with the All-American apple pie.

Roast Chicken (I always brine my chicken in water to cover with 1/2 c. of Kosher salt and whatever herbs or spices I feel like that day-today it's Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper seasoning or try my Simon and Garfunkel Roast Chicken.)
Roasted Potatoes (these I toss with olive oil, rosemary and garlic)
Gravy (Of course!)
Sweet Corn
Tomatoes from our garden
Apple Pie (recipe here)


Melanie said...

Thought-provoking post, Anne! I know that I usually don't like to make anything fancy on Sundays but rather have quick, easy meals that aren't much work. We have supper together pretty much every night though, and I tend to do "fancier" food during the week. I guess I just like to take it easy on Sundays after church! I do remember when I was little we often had breakfast food for lunch after church ... pancakes, waffles, french toast, etc. My DH makes Dutch babies (like a German pancake) almost every Sunday morning though, so I don't do the breakfast for lunch or supper thing.

Hindsfeet said...

That's what we miss most about California... meeting at my parents' house on Sunday after church. The kids are the most homesick on Sundays and we plan phone calls to Mom on Sunday afternoon, knowing we'll get a chance to talk to grandma, grandpa, an aunt or some cousins.

When I was a kid, we had Sunday dinner at my Aunt Nita's house. She passed away 3-4 years ago and the tradition moved to my parents house. Aunt Nita was my dad's oldest sister (of eight kids, my dad being the youngest)and her menu was a lot like yours... Roast chicken, roast beef, or fried mackeral patties; roasted or mashed potatoes; gravy (of course!); sweet corn; homemade pickles; and some kind of pie or pound cake for dessert.

We could have Sunday dinner here too, but we don't know anyone yet to gather with. I'm afraid Sunday dinner will seem just like any other night with just our own "little" family by it's lonesome.

Babette said...

The love you put into your Sunday dinners will be remembered and cherished and will come back to bless you in the dearest of ways. You can trust me on that!

Anne Coleman said...

I certainly didn't want to "guilt" anyone into Sunday dinner (Melanie!)~I do understand (Hind's Feet) still feeling as though were just having the same old dame old with our "little" family as well.

Hopefully we will be able to have family over or find some friends to share with us.

Melanie said...

Oh, I didn't take it that you were trying to guilt anyone into it. I'm sorry if I came across that way. I guess I was just thinking "out loud".

Anne Coleman said...

Well, pooh on me~I was thinking out loud as well, really. It was an afterthought that I may make some mommy's feel badly if they absolutely were not able!

Don't be sorry~they're called "comments" for a reason! :o)

Sam said...

I grew up with Sunday lunch after church, not dinner. These days I would do love to replicate the Sunday roast one dinner time.

However, in our household, every evening meal we eat at home is special and is eaten respectfully. We always lay the table and sit together to eat, no matter if it is a simple sumper of bread and cold meat or something more exotic.

It is a time to connect i wouldn't miss for the world. I am so glad I don't have to eat off my lap in front of the TV any more.

Anne Coleman said...

Sam, kudos to you!
We sit together as well, knowing that soon enough we won't all be together nightly, and try to savor each moment.