Friday, September 16, 2005


No, I don't mean anything to do with bread. I just realized I have this blog (so nice to be able to come to) and since it's all about FOOD I don't normally publish photos of my kids. Well, here they are, in all their glory :0)

Ian Oliver~ 1 year

Katie~ 4 years

Declan~ 6 years

Erin~ 8 years

Megan~ attitude ridden 13 years :o)

Cassidy~ Sweet 16


Anonymous said...

Hey, like your blog.

I also have 6 children. Also 4 girls, 2 boys.

I am also turning 37 this month.

Wild huh?

Love the red hair on your son.

My youngest 3 girls have strawberry blonde to light red hair.
Mine was the color of your son's when I was his age but has gradually darkened.


Adopted Son said...

Gee, Katie doesn't look like Meagan at all, does she? (tic)
You should see Liam and how much he looks like Megan. It's hilarious. I even call him that when he gets pouty.

Babette said...

Oh, you are so richly blessed, Anne! They just get cuter whether going up or down!

I hope to make your gumbo soon! Wish we could compare notes and stories over tea and treats...

Anne Coleman said...

In the immortal words of "The King", Thank you, thank you very much :o)

Melanie said...

Your kids are beautiful, Anne!