Thursday, September 08, 2005

More Cookbooks and a Photo

This is the photo I wanted to use with my post about Grandma Barnes~

I am very blessed to have this, it is the original taken in 1908. The baby is my grandmother, Ina Jesse Sharp held by her mother Edna Lola Barnes. The woman seated on the left is Safrona Murphy and her mother, on the right, Grandma Goodman.
I unpacked 25 more cookbooks today and several other books among which was "Between Friends, M.F.K. Fisher and Me" by Jeanette Ferrary. I love this book and the glimpse into M.F.K.'s life. This brings me to another cookbook I found, a Time-Life book written primarily by M.F.K., "The Cooking of Provincial France", a wonderful book with lovely photos and better recipes, that comes with a companion spiral-bound cookbook.

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