Monday, July 11, 2005

Wine for Health?

We went wine shopping yesterday. Not shopping really, since we knew what we wanted and really just went to pick it up. Once we arrived at our destination though, we bought more than we intended.

As a rule I don't drink wine, or any other alcohol for that matter. I pretty much just don't like it. I also am hypoglycemic so even 1 glass of wine can make me loopy. I usually get heartburn from alcohol too.

I have recently been taking a second look at wine, as I'm sure many people are, for the health benefits. I mean really, after all these years of "no fat!", "no carbs!", "more veggies!", there is a supposed health benefit to things that most people actually like-chocolate and wine. Something called "flavonoids" they say.

At any rate, we went to a local winery (there are 9 in the Lehigh Valley listed here: called Amore Vineyards and Winery to pick up a wine my mother in law serves. Once there, I found a raspberry wine and a wine they call Bella Donna (sounds dangerous eh?) that I actually liked. So, we packed up our Concord wine (really good stuff) and our 2 other purchases and headed home.

Half a glass of Raspberry Wine later, I still don't like wine. I know how to properly "taste" wine, sucking in air through the teeth, "chewing" it etc. but it doesn't matter, I just don't like the stuff. This was exceptional wine too, I mean, for those who are true connoisseurs, Amore is the place to buy. I guess those little wine flavonoids are lost to me.

I do like chocolate though........

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Michelle said...

I completely sympathize Anne. I adore chocolate, but really dislike wine. Although, my friend has told me about this wine that is supposed to enhance the flavor of dark chocolate. I might be willing to give that a try.