Friday, July 08, 2005

Vittles to Move By

Moving is not a fun thing to do. Moving is especially not a fun thing to do if it's your umpteenth time in 16 years. Packing boxes, cleaning things, tossing things, it seems interminable.

One thing necessary for those weeks (or days sometimes if planning has gone by the wayside) is quick meals. Nobody has time for Gnocchi Marinara, and it seems to leak straight through paper plates *sigh*. Not to mention, most of our moves have been during Summer so the ease of preparation and consumption of any food comes into play all the more significantly.

Tonight for instance, we are having take-out Sicilian pizza. What's easier to prepare, I ask? :o) Tomorrow though I'll be making these great sandwiches that are a variation on something I saw somewhere-sorry to be so non-specific. Not the healthiest but, I can give you pointers on what would make them healthier.

BBQ Bacon Turkey Rolls
Printable Recipe

Layer on a large sandwich roll (the kids like sesame sandwich rolls or potato rolls) the following:

smoked turkey
bbq sauce (your favorite brand or even homemade if you are so inclined)
sliced cheddar cheese
crisply cooked bacon slices (I usually cut long slices in half and use 2 to 3 halves per sandwich)
pepper rings
whatever veggies strike your fancy

Use as much or as little of each ingredient as you wish-these are just so good with the bbq and turkey combo-and not usually something people thing to pair together in a cold sandwich. I serve these with chips and pickles.

To make this healthier, use whole grain bread or rolls, skip the cheese and bacon (or use turkey bacon) and pile on sprouts and greens galore! Sun Chips multigrain chips are a great alternative to regular potato chips or just set out cut up veggies like carrots, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, etc. This version is actually the one I opt for while the rest of my family eats the first choice.

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Michelle said...

Hey there Annie! It's Michelle. This sandwich sounds wonderful! I'm going to have to remember it, although I just finished grocery shopping for the week. :-)